The Willows Natural Burial Ground is a 5.8 acre gently sloping site, set in the beautiful Charnwood countryside, and located on the edge of the small rural village of South Croxton.

Central to the site is a flourishing willow tree which seasonally provides an extended canvas of colourful flora, leading to our signature wheel design layout which rotates wild flower meadows and woodlands. The western boundary of the site falls towards and overlooks two ponds which support wildlife and fish. The Willows is managed and maintained by our family with a strong sense of nature and conservation.

We do not provide a full director service, but we work alongside your chosen funeral director. Some families choose to hold a full service at the grave side, others have a service elsewhere and then come to the burial ground. Others have a small, private interment followed by a memorial service another day. There is no time limit; families are able to take as much time as they need. If you are purchasing a plot in advance you will be given a ‘right of burial certificate’. This will show the type of plot chosen and its location co-ordinates within the site. To pre-purchase a plot, please contact us to arrange a visit so that you can make a selection in an area you like. We welcome people of all faiths and beliefs, we like to say "all faiths or no faiths, all are welcome". 

The site is owned and run by husband and wife Chris and Jenny Scroby. Our vision is to create an area of natural beauty and serenity that will develop and mature into a fitting place to reflect upon and remember your loved ones.

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