Funeral Services

A funeral director can make all the usual arrangements and our team will work closely with them to provide a personal and professional service. Embalmed bodies are generally not accepted at The Willows for burial, but exceptions will be made for repatriation.

Plots Available

Single or multiple plots that are side by side are available. However, we would recommend that if you are considering multiple plots that you reserve the adjacent plot at the time, as we cannot guarantee their availability. Plots are available for natural burial or interment of ashes, and all plots can be purchased well in advance. We also offer the option to scatter ashes; this would be in a designated area to protect the ecology of the soil. You can choose to be buried in our woodland or wild flower meadow.


We accept environmentally friendly biodegradable coffins and urns, for example: willow, banana leaf and cardboard.


Native trees including Oak, Ash, Birch and Hazel will be planted at the appropriate time of year when purchased during the organisation process. A small plaque can be placed by the tree or onto a wooden memorial post, and these posts will be placed around the site. Benches are also available for dedications and all memorials are purchased directly from The Willows.

Grave digging

Here at The Willows, we use local professional grave diggers from an established family business.

Future of the site, maintenance and management

The Willows will be managed and maintained with a strong sense of countryside and conservation. This will create an area of natural woodland and wildflower meadows, a haven for local wildlife to thrive, whilst providing a peaceful resting place and an area of reflection for loved ones.

Burial Rights

Your burial plot is protected for a 50 year period. This does not allow anything to happen to the site other than the creation of the burial ground. At the end of this time the woodland and meadow will be well established and therefore protected for future generations to enjoy. A percentage of money from all of our plots sold is placed into a trust fund, this means that when the burial ground is full there will be a source of income to keep the ground maintained.

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